The stability and peace of mind a stable and committed relationship offers cannot be compared to the emotional chaos, utter disrespect and bad reputation that comes from flirting and courting the attention of multiple men, especially when it is done to fleece the men out of their money by feigning affection.

The later may offer more in terms of material gain and carnal pleasures, but the damage to your reputation, exposure to dangerous diseases and emotional instability is not worth it at the end. Tolerating a man just to get money from him is one of the most emotionally tasking situations a woman can be in. Most women don’t realize this because of the temporary pleasure the money offers. Truthfully, at the long run, the constant negative pressure on your psyche affects your physical and emotional health.

If the focus is solely for money or other material gain, what usually happens is that the men knowing your propensity to multitask between different men will only view you as a timeshare property where each user only pays for the portion he uses, this in most cases is not enough for any significant advancement in life, you may have to go through many men to survive.

Men consider loyalty before empowering women with whom they are involved. A man can give you money just for talking to him or sleeping with him, this is usually limited to amounts he can let go without feeling it. When a man believes a woman is committed and loyal to him, he becomes foolish for her and can do almost anything. This is why some men appear under a spell in a relationship, the spell is loyalty and total commitment.

Every man has the choice and capacity to be with as many women as he chooses to accommodate. True strength however lies in your ability to be with only one. When you calculate how much money and energy expended on humoring and entertaining many women, you will begin to see the foolery in living a wayward life.

The resources and energy required to maintain a flimsy relationship without depth or meaning can be channeled into developing one committed and mutually beneficial long lasting friendship. This ensures that you focus more on the things that truly matter while having a sincere emotional support system.

Making yourself accessible to different women with whom you are not properly committed to is very dangerous. Once a woman doubts your loyalty to her, she becomes an enemy within both physically and spiritually, she can be used against you. Focus that energy on one woman, build and empower her, she will be a huge pillar of support. Women are fanatical in their support for a man who is loyal to them and has treated them well – Sir Stanley Ekezie