When you notice that your spouse is determined to passionately pursue a career or engage in a business venture, even when you are against it for the most sincere reasons, it is best to thread with caution. If care is not taken, you may be seen as a cog in the wheel of their progress, this is the most dangerous position to be in.

If not properly handled, you may be seen as a hindrance to their career advancement or business growth. Once this mindset sets in, what usually follows is a period of bitter quarrels, suspicion and irritation. It is almost impossible to please a person who blames you secretly or openly for their misfortune in business or career.

Men must resist the temptation to forcefully stop their wives from pursuing their dreams. She will blame you everyday for not letting her succeed, whatever you do for her from then on will not be appreciated, and the acrimony, animosity and hatred it breeds may make the relationship/marriage unbearable.

Women should support their husbands even when they don’t believe in the business he wants to embark on. Once you have made your reservations known and it is vehemently rejected, support and pray fervently for him. Let you support be sincere, heard and seen to avoid being seen as a stumbling block on his path to success.

Whenever you are faced with this situation and you have sincerely made your position known, and your partner vehemently insists, let them have their way. Experience is the best teacher, if they fail, they will learn to listen to you and if they succeed you will learn to trust their judgement – Sir Stanley Ekezie