The current trend of husbands/boyfriends killing wives/girlfriends has taken a very dangerous dimension. I personally do not think anyone is worth going to jail or hanged for. If you are so pained by your wife’s actions or inactions, for goodness sake pack your bags and leave. You stand a better chance to get it right in future if you don’t soil your hands with blood.

Women must be very careful when betraying a man who has invested so much of his time, energy and money on them. Men are weak emotionally, when they are hopelessly in love, and when that love betrays them, it bruises their ego and men kill because of their ego. Even if there is need to disengage from a man who has stretched himself to the limits for you, a man who has made sacrifices for you, be nice and let him go gradually, don’t taunt him with a new relationship, make sure it’s over completely and he has accepted it before you move on to someone else.

When a man feels betrayed by the woman he loves, when he is consumed by that bittersweet bondage and self pity brought upon him by the scorn of a woman, when the rage of jealousy overwhelms him, when he knows for sure that he has lost in love, rationality becomes alien to him, he reacts with his fists, legs and mouth, this may push him to snap and murder a previously loved woman, the end result

For him is either death by suicide, execution or a very long prison sentence. Either ways two promising lives are cut short by anger, jealousy, pride and wrong choices.

Think again, don’t waste your life because of a woman, time heals all wounds and yours won’t be different. Let her go so you can begin to rebuild your life. If it is money that is your concern, remember you made the one she wants to take, you can and will do it again. Let her go in peace and let her conscience judge her. Killing or maiming her will not make whatever crime she has committed against you right, even if somehow you get away with it, your life will never remain the same.

It is possible to find love again, it is possible to rebuild your finances, it is indeed possible to retake your ego, but it’s impossible to completely recover from killing your wife, another human being. If she is the problem, her reward will manifest sooner or later; good things come to those who wait so you must be patient and wait for your vindication. If you are the problem, change and re-evaluate your life before you go into another relationship, there is a chance the next woman will react like the first if exposed to the same conditions of marriage.

Finally, it’s your family name that will be ruined, it is your name she bears, it is your name your children bear. What happens to them when Mummy is killed by daddy and he has to either be killed or go to jail for a very long time, sometimes even for life. Can they survive the stigma? Have you given them a chance to survive in this very competitive world. Think of all the people your actions will effect, it may help you make the right choices – Sir Stanley Ekezie