When a man gets married, he conveniently forgets that his wife is a girl who may have had more than a few indiscretions. He puts her on a very high moral pedestal above all other women and protects her like a priced gem. He forgets that she was once single and may have lived a life no different from the girls he is messing around with. No man wants to imagine his wife in certain ways, but the truth is that she may not be as Innocent or as naive as she has led you to believe. Most women retreat after marriage, leaving their former lives behind to concentrate on living a responsible life for the sake of her marriage, family and reputation.

Her decision to turn a new leaf after marriage usually makes her husband take her for granted. He carries on as if he is married to a naive and innocent woman who is totally ignorant. He comes home with unbelievable stories convinced that the woman is buying them. It may shock you to know that she may be aware of your indiscretions and can smell a lie from a mile away, your cock and bull story doesn’t fool her. She knows exactly when you have been up to no good and decides to keep quiet sometimes for Peace sake. She knows this because she may have at some point in her life been the other woman too or knows someone who has been, so from her experiences she probably knows more than you think.

The woman who inspired this article told me that it is not her husband’s infidelity that annoys her, it is the fact that he believes that the stories and lies he tells actually fool her. A woman is wired in a different way, she is naturally observant, analytical and suspicious, she has the ability to perceive when something is wrong. Men on the other hand are emotionally vulnerable, we lie only with our lips, our body language tells the real story and that is what she reads. Women are usually in control emotionally, she may know things and never react, she may know you are lying or up to no good and never confront you, be careful though, there is a limit to what she can take. When she has had enough, you will be shocked at the amount of information she has about you.

If men know these things, it may begin to change the way we do things, it may also encourage us to respect our wives’ intelligence more and avoid mistakes which will affect our marriages in future. We must be aware that she already probably knows everything and may be bidding her time to react. The worst position to be in is thinking you are playing someone who already knows what you are up-to, it makes the player become the played.- Sir Stanley Ekezie