If he is nice only when he wants sex, if she is nice only when she wants money, What You have is a business relationship. If you expect the commitment, love and care usually present in an emotional affair, you are setting yourself up for a heartbreak. Do not expect to be treated the same special way or with respect when you don’t have money or when he is not interested in sex. Who you choose to be in a relationship is your personal choice, one which only you can decide, it is however important that you nurture true friendship first. This is what will keep the relationship alive no matter what happens.

Any adult with common sense will know the general direction of any relationship you are involved in, so do not deceive yourself with words like bae, baby, sweetheart, and so on, those are mere semantics and usually mean nothing if it is not accompanied by an appropriate amount of love and commitment. It is important you determine what exactly you want from a relationship before entering into it, this will help you maintain the much needed focus to get the best out of it. It is also wise to know what your intended partner wants out of the relationship, wanting different things is the beginning of the end of the relationship.

No matter what you do for a woman who sleeps with you just for money, she will never truly appreciate it, she will never truly love you, she assumes she has paid you in full with her body. Similarly no matter how much expertise you put into sleeping with a man who knows you are with him for money, no matter how happy you make him, he will never take you seriously or respect and appreciate you, because he believes he is paying for your services and is entitled to whatever you do to make him happy. You are not special, there is someone who will always be better in bed or richer and more generous than you are. Since business relationships are about profit and satisfaction, these rather than your feelings and happiness will always be the consideration.

Two things bind you together, sex and money, the relationship will continue until the end which comes unexpectedly when he gets tired of you or finds someone else better in bed or when she becomes financially independent or finds somebody else who is richer and more generous than you. No matter how long this business relationship lasts, it was designed to fail from the onset. I am sure some people may be wondering how this concerns marriages, the truth is that some people will attempt to convert this business relationship to one which mimics an emotional affair and some of them will actually lead to marriage.

This is a disaster waiting to happen because the commitment and emotional foundation required to build a marriage is absent ab initio. The couple may stand a chance as long as their is a steady flow of money and she manages to keep him interested in sex with her. Unfortunately life is not that predictable, distractions will come and periods of hardship are almost a given, your guess is as good as mine as to what will become of the marriage when any of the above happens. This situation is a common cause of marriage problems, a relationship which was never intended to lead to marriage eventually somehow manages to get there, it certainly cannot stand.

To ensure lasting happiness in a relationship, it is important to nurture true friendship. Let your relationship be fortified with companionship, tolerance, understanding. and mutual respect, this makes it easy to bear anything negative that life throws at you, it encourages couples to stick with each other for better for worse. Give your money only to those who have proven themselves as friends and your body only to him whom you are truly attracted and committed to, a person who you are convinced truly deserves you – Sir Stanley Ekezie