The plight of a girl/woman looking to get ahead in the society is pitiable. She is exposed to all forms of abuse, emotional and most deplorably the wanton demand for sexual gratification for favours and even what’s rightfully her entitlements. She is neither judged for her intelligence, experience, hard work nor academic qualifications. She is erroneously regarded as a price to be taken at will by blackmail, manipulation or lured by money and emoluments paid for her free will or forced carnal services. This is not peculiar to women, sometimes a small percentage of men face similar challenges in the hands of older women.

A married young lady sent an inbox message to me lamenting about how a man who is old enough to be her father has refused to give her a job which she deserves and is clearly qualified for, having come out tops in the interview, he insists she sleeps with him before the letter of employment is given to her. Even after she told the man that her husband is ill and needs the money for treatment, he is adamant, telling her that she is wicked for even delaying, urging her to succumb quickly before her husband dies. How heartless, this is rape and nothing more. Any man who enjoys this type of sex has deep rooted hatred for women and obviously has a mental illness. I almost encouraged her to set up and embarrass this disgrace of a man, then again I remembered his poor family, his innocent wife and children who will be dragged into limelight because of his shameless behaviour. I believe there must be some sort of repercussion for this, it cannot go unpunished. Everyone who has a daughter can relate to my anger. 

Sex should only be between two consenting adults, who are either attracted to each other or have been induced with money or favours into WILLINGLY (keyword is willingly) agreeing to have sex with you. The important thing is that she agrees to do it willingly, so court her like a man and not the miserable coward you are, persuade her, convince her to do it, but it must be willingly. If you choose to expose yourself to adultery or fornication, there are so many girls who will be willing to sin with you, but that one girl who has cried, begged and even offered you money or any other thing to avoid sleeping with you and yet you wickedly insist on sex or nothing will be your waterloo. Sleeping with her against her will leaves you spiritually vulnerable to her wrath, any negative prayer she says against you will surely come to pass, for the sake of your family, desist from this abominable act, her prayer may not work against you alone, it may extend to your family, women curse anything and everything about someone they loathe. Remember, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Stop disgracing your family and putting curses on your wife and children because of your greed and he goat syndrome. 

It is not my place to judge any man who decides to date a younger girl or vice versa, as wrong as it is and as sinful as it is, the choice as two consenting adults is yours to make. What I consider vile and wicked is blackmailing a desperate young girl or even someone’s wife into having sex with you just because she desperately needs something from you. Some men resort to extreme measures even in the workplace to harass their female employees into either sleeping with them or get sacked, knowing that these poor girls/women depend on their jobs for their livelihood. Under that intense pressure, she will probably agree to sleep with you, be aware that she has cursed you with every thrust, she has cursed your children with every touch and your entirely family with every ounce of your weight on top of her. The prayers of such defenceless women you molest by force will hunt you for the rest of your natural life. Everyday is for the thief, one day will surely be for the owner, and you will be disgraced.

Mr Lecturer who foists half baked graduates on this country by exchanging sex for good grades will answer to God, the lecturer who forcefully sleeps with young female students who probably passed the course and you intentionally failed them in order to find a reason to sleep with them against their will, it is the two horned devil you will encounter on the day of reckoning. The cries and emotional trauma you have caused these young helpless girls will certainly come back to you a thousand fold. I am passionate about this and I am pained and angry because I am a father, I have daughters, woe betide any employer or lecturer who tries this with someone I know, that will be the end of your miserable career, if you manage to avoid prison – Sir Stanley Ekezie