You meet a girl, you lie that you are single, divorced, separated or married to a wicked witch. You tell all these fantastically articulated lies just to sleep with her. You successfully deceive her and she agrees. You feel a sense of satisfaction and conquest. Then suddenly your wife begins to exhibit the traits of a wicked witch, you wonder where this is coming from, she makes your life miserable, you get separated for a while, eventually, the marriage ends and you become divorced and single just like you predicted when you confessed it with your own mouth. You turn around and blame everyone but yourself. All the lies you told suddenly becomes reality. What you have done is to verbally and prophetically destroy your home. What your mouth says stands, there is power in spoken word. Be careful what you confess with your mouth. As the head of the family any pronouncements that comes forth from your mouth on any member of your family is very powerful and prophetic. Use this power wisely and uplift your wife and children always. Make it a habit to bless your children regularly. Never verbally abuse your wife, do not talk to her in a condescending manner. compliment her as often as possible and support her aspirations. If she succeeds you succeed. Consider her quest for success a family asset, even if you don’t benefit directly, your children will, this is one of the high points of our existence, to nurture the next generation. Remember, God made a woman among other things to be a companion and a helper to the man. Do not get in the way of her aspiration to contribute to the upkeep of the family. She can only achieve this with a certain level of independence, trust her and support her career. It is as much her responsibility as it is yours to provide for the family, if she is capable let her help – Sir Stanley Ekezie