One thing every couple should bear in mind is that not everyone that appears happy for you is genuine. There are demons everywhere seriously looking for a relationship to invade and destroy. These agents of destruction come in different forms, they come as relations, concerned friends, fake pastors and even siblings. Some of them are very brazen in their efforts to destroy, these are easy to detect. The dangerous ones are those who come as good friends, family and fake men of God, they gradually gain the confidence of the couple and begin to sow their seed of discord. They become that person you go to complain and cry to, they gain your confidence and you begin to trust them with information that may hurt you, in your anger and believing you are talking to a friend, you say nasty things you don’t really mean about your spouse, this demon of destruction will modify what you have said and take it back to your spouse nicely spiced with evil intent. This ignites an already volatile situation, reconciliation becomes impossible with the devil in the middle. The antidote for this poison is openness, NO MATTER WHAT!!!! never protect the identity of the source of any damaging information/ gossip involving your spouse. Chances are that the same person trying to be the Good Samaritan settling your problem is the same person peddling information/gossip that keeps the fire of your conflict burning. If anyone comes to you with information/gossip about your spouse, insist on quoting them when you confront your spouse. If they decline, that is your first clue that they are being wicked and mischievous. The whistleblower should be bold enough to stand by the information they provide if it is true. If they love you enough to come to you with information about your spouse, that means they are on your side, why would they care if you quote them? except of course they want to be friends with both parties and keep playing them against each other. Always go to your partner with anything you hear about them, things may not always be what they seem, give them a chance to defend themselves. Approach with intent to chastise and forgive instead of condemnation, mockery and an unforgiving spirit. Be careful who you invite into your relationship. Be wise and talk to your partner no matter how much they have annoyed you. Remind yourself always that you are in it for better for worse, for richer for poorer in sickness and in health till death do you path – Sir Stanley Ekezie