I have a non secular view of the marriage institution. Male chauvinism and feminism have no place in my perception of the sacred institution. Christian Marriage is optional, not everyone is wired to be in this biblically regimented institution. The Bible has unambiguous and perspicuous instructions on the specific role each individual in a marriage should play.

The good book aptly outlines what a man’s life should be from the moment he finds a wife, It teaches us how to be good husbands and fathers. On the other hand, it teaches women how to play their role as good wives and mothers. Some people have accused me of being either pro men or pro women, my views are a blend of what the Bible says and the realities of the dynamics of our present day society. I have maintained that the society today may find it difficult to completely live according to these instructions.

I went further to advocate a situation where each party conscientiously relinquishes some control/role for the sake of balance and equity. This however should not demean what the bible says. You cannot rush to pay your tithe, give first fruit offerings, fast and pray and still argue when it come to loving your wife as Christ loved the church, being prepared to give your life for her and for the women, not submitting to your husband and recognising him as the head of your household .

All of the above are instructions handed to us by God himself. God’s instructions are not selectively applicable, you cannot believe in one and ignore the other just because you don’t like the sound of it. Some people will run to church to be wedded and still claim to have secular views on marriage. If you are a nonconformist, you should consider getting married in a secular institution like the law courts. Saying “I do” in church makes you answerable to ethos as propounded by Christianity – Sir Stanley Ekezie