Every human being is born with an innate greatness, the pursuit of crystalizing this greatness is what propels our dreams and aspirations. As we are different, so is our dreams and destinies, all through our lives we will work hard and aspire to make those dreams become reality ultimately fulfilling those destinies for which we were born. Unfortunately only a few people will come close to finishing well.

As we attain maturity, we will attract destiny helpers and killers, these will come in the form of friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, enemies, frenemies, strangers, husbands and wives. These people will either help propel us towards our life goals or become a stumbling block to our success. It is important to identify those who come into your life to help and those are there to slow you down or destroy you.

Marriage may be a dream come true for many, but it is not the fulfillment of one’s destiny. No one was born to simply be a husband or wife, there has to be a greater purpose for our existence here on earth. For some people marriage is a ladder through which they will attain that which is destined for them, for others it will be the albatross that will bury their dreams and aspirations.

When we get married, the ethos of marriage both secular and non secular dictates that we are faithful, loyal and committed to each other, this does not however negate our own individual dreams and aspirations. In fact, marriage when properly constituted should provide an enabling environment and a powerful support system to actualize our dreams. That is why it is important that a person chooses a spouse who will support and encourage them to shine and keep their distance from those who will insist on shinning alone.

One of the worst things that can happen to a person is marrying a man/woman who becomes a hindrance to their success. Navigating between maintaining the sanctity of marriage and pursuing your goals can be challenging. However, it is important that we keep our eyes on the ball always. Do not let anyone no matter who they are be a stumbling block to your success as long you maintain decency and faithfulness. Do not hide under the pursuit of success to soil your hands. Regret in old age is terrible, a few years down your life path, you will regret the chances you didn’t take. No matter how comfortable your spouse makes you, encourage them to support you to pursue your own dream, this is where true happiness resides.

It is a known fact that as we become successful, our circle of friends and associates may change, if you are not on par or a few steps behind your partner you may be lost in the euphoria and bliss that accompanies success. A lot of people have been left behind because their spouse on attaining success suddenly thinks they are no longer suitable or presentable enough to walk beside them in their new circle. So do not get comfortable in your partners success, always insist on leveraging on their success to pursue your own dreams and aspirations. The luminance of two is brighter than that of one, so let them support you to shine with them – Sir Stanley Ekezie