Each time marriage issues are made public a very dangerous gender division takes center stage. People advise and comment based on gender bias, objective reasoning is jettisoned for gender based popular opinion. A marriage breaking is not a thing to be happy about or celebrated for whatever reason. The end of of a marriage is not a good thing for the couple, each has to deal with real emotional trauma, this reverberates on the children and extended family.

The sad thing is that the couple themselves sometimes allow this dangerous bias to creep into their issues. Each is spurred on by people who will in no way be affected by the trauma experienced in their marriage. When a member of same sex tries to reason objectively they are immediately attacked for hating their gender.

We cannot keep supporting evil just because it was perpetrated by a member of our gender. There is a universal standard of right and wrong and as adults we know this, yet we add fuel to the fire in other peoples homes to score cheap social media points. If you lack the courage to comment objectively, pls reserve you comment or reach out to the couple privately.

Proponents of feminism and male chauvinism/superiority are a danger to marriages. These do not have a place in a marriage, once they are allowed to come in, things will fall apart. Many marriages are rudderless and barely working because a couple rather than concentrate on more important issues are locked in an unnecessary gender superiority tussle. Do you not love your kids? Why do you want to mess them up in the pursuit of a worthless and selfish gender victory. If you succeed and suppress or overpower your spouse, how much have you really gained and at what expense.

It is not a must to get married, if you cannot keep the sacred rules of marriage which has the man at the head of the household leading with love and care, please remain single, if kids are your problem, agree with someone to have them, this is better than ruining a persons emotional health in the name of marriage.

The attempt to Modernize an institution which is deeply rooted in both secular and non secular age long tradition is the major problem facing the marriage institution today. God who in his wisdom designed marriage set out rules of engagement and gave each gender very specific roles in an unambiguous language.

As Ephesians 5:33 instructs,“However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” This is the secret of a happy marriage. Just as women need love, men need respect. And as a husband feels respected by his wife, he will begin to live in such a way that he is worthy of respect. Do your bit and let your partner incur the wrath of God for refusing to obey.

The sad thing is that some of these men and women who flaunt God’s instruction on marriage in the name of male chauvinism or feminism are the ones who carry Christianity on their heads, they virtually live in church and pray more than the Pope. God’s laws are not selectively applicable, the Bible is the Christian manual, everything contained in it is binding, you cannot practice some and leave others, that is hypocritical – Sir Stanley Ekezie