A man I used to know but haven’t been in touch with contacted me on Facebook alleging that his friend tried to seduce his wife behind his back, he claimed that this man is a friend and only used the access their friendship granted him to perpetrate his ungodly act.

He contacted me for advice; he was contemplating setting up and hurting the man, not for wanting to have an affair with his wife, but for insulting him and his friendship, I know this man and what he is capable of. The devil in me wanted to encourage him to cut off the man’s p***s to teach him a lesson and cure his lust driven stupidity, but Christ intervened and I switched back to my church sense.

I have said this severally and will repeat it here, the amount of risk involved in trying to or having an affair with another man’s wife is unprecedented. The world is filled with wicked and evil people who will take a life for pleasure, you can imagine what will be your faith when you meddle in the business of such a person. Remember any act involving two people cannot remain hidden forever. Secrets don’t exist, someone somewhere knows.

A lot of people are normal by day and evil at night, they live double lives, appearing like normal nice guys next door, but deep
Inside they are the devil’s Incarnate parading this world for the sole purpose of causing pain and anguish, these evil men are everywhere, even in churches. You may in your penile stupidity encounter such an evil person, the way you end up may not be nice. Be careful and leave other people’s wives alone.

Most men who do this are sometimes victims of a cheating wife, the truth is, the friend you are insulting by making a pass at his wife is not responsible for your wife’s irresponsibility. The way to go is to sort things out with you wife instead of transferring your frustration to another man’s wife, this can get you killed.

I asked this man how he found out and he told me it was his wife who told him, that made me very happy because it absolved her of complicity. She may have saved her husband’s life by telling him, because any man masquerading as a friend and goes behind your back to try and seduce your wife is an enemy and can poison you if he gets the chance.

Women please tell your husband when someone they may be physically in contact with tries to seduce you, he needs to be careful around that person, this may save his life. This goes for men too. When a woman especially someone who has access to your wife starts to show interest in you, step back from that person and inform your wife immediately, people get poisoned these days for the silliest things like getting a promotion or buying a car. You can then imagine what someone who sees you demise as a ticket into your home will do – Sir Stanley Ekezie