As we wind down to the end of the year, a lot of people reflect on what has been done to them, disappointments they suffered in the hands of friends and relatives. Who was there there for them and who wasn’t will form a major part of the posts and updates tonight. Threats to delete contacts and prune down friends will dominate the new year resolutions today.

It is important we look inwards, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Self introspection or reflective awareness gives you the opportunity to examine yourself sincerely. What are your own antecedents, how have you treated others, can you sincerely say that you have been there for your friends and family? I know I have been found wanting here, to all those I have offended knowingly or unknowingly, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. I forgive all those who have offended me, I bear no grudges.

Poetic Justice ensures that everyone gets what they deserve good or bad. Whether or not we chose to believe it, there are natural forces which rewards good and evil accordingly. What you sow is what you reap, it is as simple as that. So before you condemn others for their treatment towards you, look inwards, nature may be using them to pay back commensurately your ill treatment of others.

So let us resolve this coming year to be more considerate in our treatment of people around us, let us treat them as we will have others treat us. Let us respect those who are beneath us as well those who are above us. Let us offer help to those who cannot repay us and also to friends who will one day be in a position to show gratitude.

Let us cultivate friendships based on sincerity and mutual benefits. Receiving is refreshing, you must also remember the proverbial widows mite and how It was appreciated more because of its genuineness and sacrifice. A friend being richer or more affluent than you does not exclude them from yearning to receive, it is not the value of the gift, but the thought to give. So give what you can afford to give to put a smile on someone’s face.

A successful relationship involves two people putting in their best to accommodate each other’s excesses. Don’t get tired, don’t give up, put in the work, tolerate, sacrifice, keep giving, you are laying a foundation for a life time of happiness.

Finally, we lost a lot of loved ones this year, I suffered terrible personal losses, I lost very close friends and family who departed this world suddenly and earlier than we expected. We cannot question God, all we ask is that God gives them eternal rest and to us, the fortitude to bear their absence. May the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest In Peace.

Happy new year my dear friends and family, I wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2022 – Sir Stanley Ekezie