A new trend has emerged, couples now adopt social media to expose relationship issues. Bringing in a third party is bad enough, giving the entire world an unrestricted access into your life is on a new level of foolishness. The court of public opinion will indict and condemn both parties, and no solution will be proffered.

It’s even more worrisome when there are kids involved. How do you bring in innocent children into this world and then destroy them yourself. Most people who do this will be the first ones to tell you they love their kids to death, arrant none sense. You will be your child’s reference in marriage, destroying each other makes it more difficult for your child to be judged fairly.

You call your wife a prostitute in public and you have daughters by this same woman, what does that make your daughters? assistant prostitutes or junior prostitutes. You decimate your husband and call him lazy, irresponsible, drunk etc, you expect people to believe your son didn’t inherit some of that? Does an apple fall far from its tree? Tomorrow you will wonder why Chief Okeke has vigorously refused to let his daughter marry your son?

The internet never forgets, by washing your dirty linen in public, you have left a legacy of stupidity and a manual of relationship and marriage problems to be inherited by your children. For crying out loud, you are two consenting adults who went into a relationship, if for any reason it doesn’t work, why waste your energy destroying yourselves in public? Once you go public you destroy any hope of reconciliation or maintaining a cordial relationship for the sake of your offsprings.

You can kiss and say goodbye and leave some emotional foundation for the next relationship to thrive. Engaging in this now rampant public display of bitterness and foolishness makes it difficult for another relationship to latch on. Whoever is going to date or marry you already has a mindset with which you will be judged constantly.

For the sake of your emotional stability, your children, family and friends, work hard to maintain a peaceful and stable home, but if for any reason the monster called irreconcilable differences creeps into your home, you can quietly dissolve the relationship in a healthy and respectful manner for posterity sake – Sir Stanley Ekezie