Most people focus on cheating as an act of betrayal of loyalty or fidelity in a relationship or marriage. A lot of them are unaware of the more sinister possible outcome of engaging in amorous relationships without some else’s partner. .

There are so many wicked people in this world, people with a heart so dark that they are ready to take a life just for pleasure. Many of them are married with kids and appear like ordinary people mingling with normal humans waiting for that evil switch to unleash mayhem. So many robbers, kidnappers, occultists are living undercover among us, they may be the businessmen, bankers, doctors, lawyers, politicians and even pastors in your neighborhood.

Evans the alleged kidnapper lived in affluence in a high brow area of Lagos, he looked innocent and harmless and had a beautiful wife. You can imagine having the misfortune of messing around with the wife of a person like this, your guess is as good as mine. The most dangerous game a man can play is messing around with another man’s wife, you have absolutely no idea what a man who has been cheated on is capable of doing especially if he already has a dark side.

The cocktail of a bruised fragile ego and a dark heart is more lethal than poison. Many killings that had the coloration of robberies and kidnappings may have an undertone of revenge by a jealous husband. So many lives young and old have been wasted because of the inability to exercise self control. Not knowing what a person will do if your amorous relationship with their spouse is exposed should be enough deterrent. The heart of man is desperately evil, do not let your quest for temporary pleasure bring permanent pain to your family.

When a person steps out of a relationship to cheat, and the person you are cheating with falls in love, your spouse or partner immediately becomes an obstacle, a hindrance to the persons happiness. The person may begin to wish for your spouses elimination from the love triangle. You have absolutely no control over the extent the person might go to make this happen, falling in love yourself further complicates the issue and puts your partner at risk. Many people have lost their lives in this manner. Think before you make this potentially fatal mistake – Sir Stanley Ekezie