It is sad that a good number of women have adopted a defeatist attitude to male irresponsibility by simply repeating the stereotypical statement, “men will be men”. As a result of this, some men have become overtly entitled to irresponsibility in relationships and marriages. I get disappointed when I hear women make excuses for spouses or partners who cheat or batter them, they often dismiss this very serious flaws with “men will be men” or “it’s a male thing” “men are scum” men are liars” NO, it is not true, it is your partner’s failing, period. Don’t spoil it for women who have good men.

Unfortunately this statement is repeated in front of the younger male generation who grow up feeling entitled to engaging in acts of irresponsibility and getting away with it simply because they are men. Even the younger generation of girls have developed the wrong mindset about relationships and will accept less than they deserve because, after all, “men will be men”. It is time we teach our boys that irresponsibility in relationships is not a male entitlement, it is a personal failing for which they must take full responsibility. Girls must be taught that not every man out there is a cheat or irresponsible, there are good men out there with whom they can have a beautiful relationship. Don’t spoil it for them

Being born male does not bestow on you the privilege of behaving any how you want and blaming it on the failing of the entire male gender. As humans, we are bound to make mistakes, but full responsibility should be taken by the one who has misbehaved. Every gender is fully represented in relationship and marriage problems. Why will “Men will be be men” be used only when it comes to negative behaviour in marriages or relationships? Men should stop accepting this verdict, it is not only a male thing. Men cheat, women cheat, men lie, women lie, men engage in domestic violence women do too.

Regrettably, as a result of their ugly encounters with a few men, some women have written off the entire male gender and have become the main proponents of the “men will be men” theory. This has led some of them to accept less than they deserve from their partners because “men will be men” You cannot accept irresponsible behaviour from a man just because he is a man, it is time women begin to hold men individually accountable for their actions rather than generalising

There are many responsible men out there who try to do the right things, who struggle everyday to cater for their families and treat their wives and children well. It is human that once in a while acts of irresponsibility may be exhibited, but we cannot keep hiding under “men will be men” when we succumb to temptation or exhibit our individual character flaws. Every man should answer for himself and must be held personally accountable for their actions or inactions – Sir Stanley Ekezie