In the course of the perilous journey through life, people are known to choose, nurture and protect the things that are important to them, your relationships, marriages, work and business are examples of some of these things. The nucleus of life is family and family is essentially who you choose to spend the rest of your life with, nurture and protect this. We must sacrifice our pride, ego and sometimes our comfort at the altar of peace and unity, not only for the comfort of those around us, but for our own peace of mind as well.

The importance of the application of the submission above to relationships and marriages cannot be over emphasised. As we get older our stress level naturally increases, this is in direct response to the pressures of living up to our responsibilities, it will be catastrophic to the health and general well being of married couples and cohabiting partners to add domestic issues to the list, both the women and the men are adversely affected by domestic crisis, unlike the pressure from work and business, this is more dangerous because it resides with you.

The prevalence of high blood pressure, cancers and other ageing diseases makes it imperative that we begin to isolate and avoid stressful environments. Build a haven of peace at home and guard it jealously, quarrels affect both the aggressor and the aggressed to the same degree. It therefore becomes expedient to reside in a home which insulates you from daily stress while promoting good health peace and tranquility. It is better to be perceived as a weak man or woman who is in good health than be seen as a lion or lioness at the expense of your health.

More than anything else, a bad marriage is the leading cause of untimely deaths today, because the condition is usually asymptomatic, it creeps on you like a thief in the night, the deadly blow it delivers leaves the victim dead and the survivor scarred for life. The trauma of losing a spouse to death is not easy to bear, especially if you were not at peace with them, it is wiser to tow the line of forgiveness and peace so that in the unfortunate event of death, your conscience will absolve you of any blame when you have sincerely done your best for peace to reign – Sir Stanley Ekezie