As human beings are physically different so is there level of endurance. Some people are able to absorb whatever is thrown at them in a relationship. The longer some of them are able to absorb maltreatment, the more intense their revolt will be when they eventually reach breaking point. The reasons for this high level of endurance varies from person to person, love, commitment, family background, personal discipline, public opinion and societal norms are some of the reasons which may contribute to a persons level of endurance.

When a spouse is loyal and committed, it is very tempting and human to continue to take the person for granted and write them off as either afraid, not intelligent enough or too stupid to perceive your ill treatment of them or games you play around them. The danger here is that those who will rather ignore or feign ignorance of situations around them may be marking their time waiting for when they have reached their tolerance threshold. Everyone has a limit to what they can endure or tolerate, once pushed over that limit, the person is bound to react.

It is extremely important that you reward loyalty, submission and tolerance with a commensurate amount of love and care. Love and submission are not weaknesses, they are personal choices people make when in love and committed to you and the relationship; rebellion and reciprocation of maltreatment are also personal choices, the switch from the former to the later happens in a flash, be careful how you treat people who are loyal to you to avoid having them switch on you.

Will they ever switch from being loyal and submissive to a confrontational and quarrelsome person? Will they ever find the courage to challenge you? Can this same moronic lover one day turn to a demonic foe? Will this same ignorant fool in love one day in an act of unveiled wisdom recount all the games and maltreatments you thought they didn’t notice? the answer to these questions is a Capital YES, it is almost certain they will switch when you have pushed them over their tolerance limit. It is important we apply conscience when we deal with other people, do not give what you know you cannot tolerate – Sir Stanley Ekezie