When a man is born, he is initiated into the most fallacious beliefs of all times, throughout his life a flawed societal mindset will make him believe that he is superior to the woman in strength and intellect. Most men will grow up with this mentality fighting for the rest of their natural lives to assert themselves as the lord and master in any environment they are made to cohabit with the women. This is one of the reasons why marriages are failing today, husbands trying to put down and suppress their wives who are destined for greatness. Bear in mind that there is no power on earth that can stop a person who is destined to excel.

The belief that the woman is the weaker sex is the most dubious deception of all times. Studies have shown that a woman is emotionally and physiologically stronger. Men are naturally vulnerable to women, this vulnerability gives her enormous powers over the success or failure of any man she comes in contact with, she can either help him grow or destroy him without raising a finger. She is wiser and more organised and in most cases will outlive the man. This is not only because she is stronger but also because in an attempt to prove to the woman and the society that he is the sole head of the family and a superior being, he will put himself through all sorts of strain and pressure to solely provide and cater for his family and in the process overwork himself and in the process shortening his lifespan.

A man’s ego and superiority complex is his greatest weakness, energy that should have been used building himself is sometimes expended trying to prove that he is stronger and superior. If you have not supported her or tried to put her down or prevent her progress, this same ego will not let you take advantage of her position when she eventually becomes successful, you will become the bitter underdog who will carry an unnecessary burden meant for two people alone just to prove that you are the man. She will watch you work yourself to death for being mean and unsupportive. Bear in mind that no matter what you do, if she has been destined to be successful, you can only delay it, you can not scuttle her destiny.

There is no law that says that it must be the man who becomes successful in a marriage, sometimes God places a woman in your life to be the light of your family, but in your obstinate resistance and ego tripping, you may thwart Gods glorious plan for you by being the cog in your wife’s progress. She is your wife, she bears your name, if she succeeds, you have also succeeded. if you have loved and treated her well like an equal partner, your ego will not get in the way of boldly enjoying the fruits of her blessings the same way she will enjoy yours if you are the successful one. God has used women like Ngozi Okonjo Iwela, Dora Akunyili. Folorunso Alakija and a host of others to bless their families.

You will only be afraid to see her grow if you know you have not treated her well or supported her career or business. Like I said earlier it is best you support her, she will eventually become what she was destined to be, in or outside your home. Ensure that you support her because your fasting and praying for God’s blessing and providence may have already been answered in your wife’s business or career. All you need to do is support her and work hard yourself, she may make more to supplement and boost the little you bring home, it all goes into the same family purse to be utilised by you and your children. There is absolutely no shame in being married to a woman who is very successful, rather it is a thing of pride if you have supported and encouraged her to get there

If you want to live a long and fulfilled life, let your wife be the proverbial and biblical helper, let her grow, push her to excel, empower her as much as you can so that you can share the glory of her success. Share responsibilities of running and administering the family unit, do not assume that you are more intelligent or wiser than she is, collectively take decisions that affect your family, there is a reason why it is said that two heads are better than one, carrying the burden alone will put an unnecessary amount of pressure and stress on you, your health will be the casualty at the long run – Sir Stanley Ekezie