Feminism and femininity are completely different things, the former is usually rebellious against stereotyping women as an inferior gender, the later is comfortable with exhibiting the characteristics of a woman. It is possible for a woman who understands the true meaning of feminism to be feminine and be a feminist at the same time. Contrary to what many believe, feminism is simply a movement which rejects in its entirety the obvious discrimination, subjugation and relegation of women to the background in the society, they seek gender equality as a way of balancing gender related roles. Being feminine does not mean you reject what feminists are seeking to achieve.

In a relationship or marriage, feminism as a concept has pitched couples against each other, many women have lost sight of what the movement is all about, many have continued to believe that being feminist means they no longer have to be feminine, they exert too much energy on their efforts to be the man in the relationship. You can have a career, be a successful business woman, insist on your rights without losing your femininity. Except the man is bisexual or gay, he will let his guard up in self defence to protect his territory and ego as he would do against a fellow man, this jumpstarts the process of growing apart.

Men are attracted to women because of their femininity, this is natural, even gay men and bisexuals try to imitate those feminine or masculine habits, the men try very to showcase their feminine tendencies and the women try to imbibe masculinity. Letting your feminist views rob you of your femininity repels men, those who will run after women whose femininity has been replaced with masculinity will do so only to conquer and prove a point, once this is achieved their effort to win in the locking of horns comes to the surface. Being feminine unleashes the protective instincts inherent in men, it stirs up the compassion most men have for women.

You are a woman, it is ok to be feminine, it doesn’t in anyway rob you of your rights as a human being, it shouldn’t interfere with the push towards gender equality. Opposites attract, your femininity is what attracts the opposite sex’s masculinity thus creating a synergy in the union where one compliments the other. Make extra effort to be beautiful and sexy, be humble, show empathy, be sensitive, be humble, if you want to cry do so, fall in love freely, mother your man, pamper him if you feel like. It is absolutely in order to be the woman in the relationship. There is an enormous age long power in femininity, some of the most powerful men on earth have at one time or the other fallen under the spell of femininity. Women who have mastered this, have their men under control without force or pressure – Sir Stanley Ekezie