Love starts in a vacuum

Love cannot develop without a vacuum in our hearts. You cannot be emotionally betroth to someone whether good or bad and find true love with another person, this takes up the space required for love to blossom. In order to fill your heart with love, you have to create that vacuum required for love to grow, to achieve this, you must let go and get rid of past hurt, hate, anger, deceit, pretentiousness and pride and for the love to thrive, it must be accompanied by contentment, happiness and a positive mindset.

It is important that we rid our hearts of all these negative emotions to make room for a new positive one to develop. There is so much suspicion occasioned by an equal amount of deceit present in our world today, but it is only those who dare that will eventually win. Life itself is a risk, we go to bed everyday knowing that we may never wake up, we wake up in the morning not knowing if that day will be our last, in-spite of these we live like there is no death. In order to fall deeply in love, we must let go of our suspicions, we must take the leap hoping that someone will catch us, if no one does, we must get up and go on leaping and hoping that we will fall into the hands of that one person who will define the true meaning of Love.

Holding on to disappointments and heartbreaks is like remaining in hospital for fear of being sick again after recovery and discharge for a serious ailment. Just like you joyfully walk out of a hospital after recovery and continue your life knowing there is no guarantee you won’t get sick again, happily leave the baggages of a bad relationship experience behind and bask in the euphoria of the experiences and hard lessons you learnt from it. Do not let the indiscretions or faults of another person rob you of the possibility of finding love again. Human beings are different, just like there are bad people, good people still exist in this world, you may never have the opportunity to meet one if you keep holding on to an unsavoury past.

So pick yourself up and take that leap again, the past belongs to yesterday, today is here for healing and tomorrow is filled with hope and enormous possibilities of a fresh and clean start. Let your instincts and not your hurt guide you, consider each new opportunity without an unnecessary comparison to you past or your ex, evaluate each new person you meet on the basis of what and who you perceive them to be and not in comparison to the one who hurt you. If a relationship starts let it blossom, let yourself go, keep an open mind and embrace whatever comes out of it, if you fail again pick yourself up and keep going, remember victory belongs only to those who fight, if you do not try, you may never get to win- Sir Stanley Ekezie

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  1. You have once again struck the chord…especially the lines where you said we keep leaping..and that we don’t let a bad relationship rob us of our happiness.I really wish you have more men than women in your contacts . Thank you sire for your words of wisdom. God bless you.


    1. In such situations there is still a relationship in place. What works is dialogue and change in approach. Sometimes all it takes is catching the man off guard when he is in a good mood, and in a non confrontational manner explain to him how his behaviour is hurting the woman. Also very carefully and in a non threatening tone inform him that you are not sure how much more of this you can bear.

      A man who has a conscience will think about it very carefully especially the part where the woman has clearly stated that she may not be able to bear it any longer. What will worry him the most is the woman’s next line of action.


  2. You’re so right about this. I’m currently having exactly the same challenge. There are times i feel I’ve overcome or dealt with the pain and something triggers it. I am hopeful that maybe one day, i might find a new ‘relationship ‘ and i pray to be receptive Thanks for your write ups 


  3. The part I love most is having a open heart. Life itself is indeed a risk that we all take on a daily basis. I feel better now. I’ll just let myself enjoy every moment and hope for the best. Thanks Sir Stanley.


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