The concept of submission has been a subject of very heated debates across genders. I have been contacted by so many men and women on this issue, the women especially want to know my position on this subject, I believe there are very reasonable points on both sides of the argument.

A lot of men have continued to insist on submission as a condition to love their wives, they have adamantly maintained that the act of submission represents acceptance of the man as the lord and master of the household, this they insist elicits the love. On the other hand, the women have continued to voice their opposition to this theory, they on their own part believe that it is the love which makes it easy for them to submit. In fact love and care for them is a condition for the submission to the total authority of the man.

It is known that a woman can do anything for a man she truly loves no matter the circumstance. this includes but not limited to giving freely, ignoring flaws and in extreme cases loosing her identity to him. Such women are known not to keep friends, they live for the man and can see nothing wrong in whatever he does. Quite a number of woman have been in this position and will understand what I mean. The question that comes to mind is, will it be possible for a woman to submit to a man she doesn’t love??? I know for sure that a woman who truly loves her husband will not hesitate to do anything to make him happy and this may include total submission to his authority.

With the above analysis, it may be safe to say that this submission battle may be settled if women will carefully consider their choice of husbands. Since submission is easier to achieve when love is involved, a woman who wishes to have an enjoyable marriage should consider settling down with a man who she will love, respect and submit to regardless of his financial or social status. When you meet him, take away the money, the power and his social status, if you can still love and respect him, then you have a husband you can happily submit to.

It is a fact that this issue of submission breaks marriages and relationship surprisingly more than infidelity, it is mostly responsible for the all mighty “irreconcilable differences” often sighted as the reason for separations or divorces in most failed marriages, so consider your choices carefully, don’t use temporary satisfaction to wish away long term peace and harmony in your home.

It is important also to point out that men are like children, when they want something, they whine. cry and even fight to get it, once they have it, they play with it for a short while, get bored and move on. Most men don’t really want a woman who will submit to them 100% They love the resistance, stubbornness etc, all they have ever wanted is to know that she will willingly submit without argument. What a man really wants from his wife/girlfriend above everything else is respect.

So if he wants submission, for peace sake and for your own sanity, give it to him, you really don’t have anything to loose, you are not competing for any position and it is too trivial to loose your happiness or your marriage over. The more you resist, the more he insists on it because of his often over inflated ego. When you submit to him, you will notice after a while that he is not really interested in controlling you, he just wants recognition as the man of the house. The women who rule their households are the ones who submit to their husbands, they reign supreme with his love and approval.

So don’t let this issue of submission be a sticking point in your marriage, don’t waste precious time resisting and fighting, it usually doesn’t end well for the marriage. Submitting to a man you said yes to cannot be that difficult if you respect and love him. As long as there is no physical abuse and he is not purposely blocking your growth, the proper and correct thing to do is to submit to your husband’s authority and let the natural flow of marriage follow. If it is too hard to submit to him, it is an unnatural union. you may be married to someone else’s husband and the marriage is bound to fail – Sir Stanley Ekezie