An average woman is approached for a relationship at least once every couple of days, either at work, super market, social media, parties and sadly even in churches these days, her ability to resist these temptations is largely dependent on her spouse. Give her love and attention she cannot find elsewhere.

While personal character flaws may play a role in a Woman’s decision to cheat, a good relationship with her spouse will strengthen her resolve and ability to resist even the most appealing temptation. She needs a solid assurance of your love and support always.

When a woman is happy, it is extremely difficult to break her defences, she lives in a bubble always, floating in that proverbial cloud nine, too high for men to reach. Make her happy, make her laugh, show her love.

Most women who cheat do so at their weakest moments which in most cases is usually during times of turbulence in the relationship with their spouse or serious lack of material things. Don’t let problems linger, let her vent and pour out her heart when you offend her. Apologise sincerely. Be real, tell her exactly how things are, if she loves you she will adjust and manage with you.

Cheating usually starts from complaining about her relationship to a male friend who may take advantage of her weakness to initiate a relationship. She must talk to someone, let that person be you, don’t trivialise her fears, listen and show her that her fears are unfounded, reassure her – Sir Stanley Ekezie