People are sinister, either out of mischief or just pure evil, some people will sit down and fabricate lies against you that will make you begin to wonder if you actually did what was alleged. These people are the greatest threat to marriages and relationships and have damaged more homes that anything else. Once you are vocal about your spouse’s virtues and good qualities, some people take it as a life project to prove to you, to themselves and the whole world that it cannot be true. It is difficult for them to understand that despite the madness out there, there are good people who try to do the right thing always. God blesses some people with a good partner, others with money and power etc God’s blessings come in many forms, money, power, career and family, no one has it all.

Couples must be open and tell each other everything to avoid being torn apart by half truths and lies. When you hear anything about your spouse, confront them about it immediately even if you believe it’s not true, hearing the denial and explanation is good for the avoidance of doubt. When people perceive you are happy, they will try to bring you down, sometimes for no reason at all. I always wonder why someone will sit down and fabricate lies just to bring pain to another human being, then I realised that as angels walk this earth to protect us from harm, so does the agents of the devil to inflict hardship, sorrow and unhappiness on humans. We all have to be vigilant, the antidote to such evil is openness to your spouse, don’t assume they are innocent or guilty until you have spoken to them.

If you are a person who the devil uses to inflict pain on innocent people, if you have the habit of spreading lies which are true only in your imagination, it is best to desist from such evil. If you have lost all hopes of happiness yourself, others may still have a chance to be happy. It is not too late for you to chase and choose your own happiness. Bringing others down won’t add to your happiness, it will only make you a hateful and spiteful person. Remember you have children, brothers and sisters who will one day get married and may be attacked the way you attack others. Spread love and good tidings not lies and venom, build and strengthen not demolish and destroy, remember that what goes around comes around – Sir Stanley Ekezie