So the big question is, why is your woman with you? Is it for money or sex? Women make a lot of noise about money, they insist on it, flock around it, but the truth is, it is not the man who pays the most that enjoys the best of the woman. She needs the money to look good for her peers and for the man to whom her heart truly belongs, so don’t mistake her presence for love, you may be giving her the world, meeting her every financial need and she will still hate you with a passion. Women also talk a lot about sex, stamina, girth, prowess and all, do all these really count? Your sexual prowess may keep her for a while, she may enjoy sex with you and still lack love and affection for you. Once a man who is not as strong or as rich as you are manages to penetrate her soul, all your hard work, energy and money expended to satisfy and make her happy becomes inconsequential.

Some of us are under the impression that money makes everything perfect in a relationship or marriage. While the role Money plays at making a Woman happy cannot be over emphasised, it is extremely important that we realise that women get bored in the midst of plenty. Once she gets used to living in wealth, it becomes reality to her, she begins to crave other things, she yearns for attention and love and if she cannot get these from you, while in the midst of all the money and comfort she becomes extremely unhappy and depressed. Temptation begins to gnaw at her natural resistance to other men, continued absence of the attention and love she seeks may make her weak, the most natural climax may be infidelity, emotional or physical. This is probably the reason why even the rich and famous are not immune to infidelity by their wives.

Contrary to what you may have heard, despite its importance in a relationship, sex is not the most important thing to a woman, she can go months and even years without it and still turn down an offer for sex, most women have sex because they know men have to have sex, they do it in exchange for either monetary gain or gratification for companionship and emotional support, we were the ones who started monetising sex because of man’s insatiable appetite for it, women recognised the power they wield over us as a result of our insatiable lust and started taking advantage.

I have heard men say they have her because they are stallions in bed or because of the size of their penis, this is ignorance of the highest order. While girth, length and stamina may make sense initially, a woman in her usual manner will become bored and start to need real substance in the relationship, she will want love and attention for emotional health. When a man penetrate a woman’s soul, when you make her truly and sincerely love you, no matter how inadequate you are in size and performance, you will become a well hung stallion to her, unlike men, a woman enjoys sex in her mind, so she is able to make you into anything she wants. Let that man who reaches her soul be you. Having access to a woman’s body is trivial, it is the cheapest thing you can get from a woman, so don’t feel you have achieved much because she let you have her body. Being accepted into her mind and soul is everything, it is a the greatest gift from a woman, reserved only for those who have truly earned it.

What truly keeps a woman faithful and happy is companionship, friendship and most of all emotional security. She needs to know for sure that she can always count on you, she needs to feel the love not just hear it, she must trust you with her heart, her fears, her deepest secrets, once these happen, she is yours. So we need to begin to make time for our partners, we need to listen to them even when we think they are not making sense, we need to make them feel safe and comfortable with us. Talk to her, if she is not close, get on the phone and engage her in long conversations, let her talk she has so much to say, she really needs you to pay attention to her. In addition to being a husband or boyfriend, be a brother and father to her. Do not create a vacuum which someone else may fill, a woman has a one track mind, once another man breaches her defences by being everything you have refused to be, it becomes difficult to reverse, even with all the sex and money in the world, she may never truly be yours again – Sir Stanley Ekezie