A man in his daily quest for the good things of life for his family gets battered by stress and strain, he ignores all of them and keeps pushing to provide the basic necessities for his family. Out there he may be a nobody, he may be just statistics, nameless and faceless and just another man doing his job to earn a living. Over time this stress builds up and begins to affect his health, in spite of the apparent danger his failing health poses to his life, he pushes on, ready to sacrifice himself for his family just to put food on the table. If succour doesn’t come, he will labour to death.

Succour can only come by way of appreciating him at home, inside Everyman there is a king waiting for his kingdom to manifest, that man remains sad and disillusioned until his kingdom comes, let his kingdom be your home, let him reign!!! Appreciate him and encourage your children to do the same, let them know the sacrifices their father makes on their behalf everyday, let them know how prepared he is to lay down his life for them, teach them how to appreciate and thank him for his efforts, let them know that he is the king at home.

Do not curse him, even in anger, as his wife your tongue is potent and whatever you pronounce on him comes to pass, call him Lord, King, blessed, man of means etc and watch the power of the tongue of a a praying wife manifest right before your eyes. Learn to overlook his imperfections, do not dwell too much on his shortcomings, you have no idea the choices he has to make out there, you cannot begin to comprehend the humiliation he has to endure sometimes just to make ends meet. His ego may not let him tell you the humiliating details of how the food he put on the table was earned, he just wants you to see him as a king and nothing more. Let him reign, let him exhale, let him unwind, these are the anti stress antidotes which will ultimately save his life.

Pray for him, Praise him, adore him and glorify him always, behind every successful man is a praying woman, a woman who adores and praises him to high heavens, a woman who looks beyond petty imperfections to appreciate his efforts, a woman who by so doing boosts his confidence and self esteem, arming him with very vital attributes needed for success in our very volatile and stressful world. Let him reign as king so your sons and daughters will be raised like Princes and Princesses. Let him reign as your king and you his queen beside him – Sir Stanley Ekezie