I was doing ok before I married her, after the wedding things just literally fell apart. I believe she has bad luck and It’s her fault things have turned bad for me. My pastor confirmed my worst fears, he said she has the mammy water spirit and that it is her who brought the bad luck. Pastor has invited her for deliverance and she is refusing to submit herself for the overnight session. She refused because the pastor is saying I cannot be there, Pastor is worried the powerful spirit will attack me when it is exorcised from her, he says I am not spiritually equipped to withstand it. I suspect she doesn’t want to be delivered so she can keep me poor. I am thinking of moving out for her.

This is a very sad and popular misconception some men have about their wives in times of need. I have tried to make sense out of the fact that God will bless a man and then a woman comes along to unbless (for lack of a better word) him, this is ignorance of the highest order. No one can bring bad luck to you, except of course the good luck was not from God, because he whom God has blessed no man can curse. Life is a cycle of seasons, some harsh and others favorable, we must learn to accept the harsh situations as a mere cycle of events which will come and then go at the appointed time. No one can be blamed for another’s misfortune, except they physically steal from them. Your wife has no reason to make you poor because she will suffer along with you in poverty, her kids will also suffer. Why on earth will she want to do that to herself. You are just going through a momentary set back, pray with your wife, let her encourage you and be there for you until God lifts the light of his countenance upon you. 

Some men consult fake pastors who further complicate matters. They will be told how their wife is a mermaid who has come to destroy. Some will blame their mother, father or even siblings. We must be mindful of the pastors we patronise, once prayer departs from reading the scriptures and praying in the Mighty name of Jesus, once they start talking of spiritual attack, your wife wants you dead, deliverance, seven candles, oil etc , it is no longer the same Christianity we know , you must run before they use the spirit of fear, suspicion and self doubt to destroy your family and your life. Do not bring the demon that will destroy your family willingly into your home. 

Women are also guilty of blaming their spouse when things don’t go well for them, they are the worst culprits when it comes to patronising these unholy men of God. There is always one light skinned, tall strange woman tormenting their marriage, he is married to the queen of the coasts and needs to be divorced or he is not your husband, these pastors come up with all sorts of nasty and fake revelations and prophecies and sadly women are buying these stories, some will end up being confused and defiled in the process of being delivered. Some of our women will hear these stories, take them in hook, line and sinker and start an unnecessary civil war in their home. The girl your fake pastor is telling you charmed your husband has done no such thing, she has just attracted his attention with her body and bedmatic skills, your husband is being controlled by his own lust. 

If offered on a platter of gold the young girl will probably not marry him because he is cheating with her and will cheat on her, young girls these days are that smart, they are not as foolish as you think they are, while you think you are taking advantage of them, they are the ones taking advantage of you. In most cases all she wants is the money he has to offer, once that stops flowing, she flies away and looks for somewhere else to perch. In some cases however she may want the man for herself, you still cannot blame her, your husband is old enough to make an informed decision on who he what’s to be with, you cannot force a man to leave his wife and children, it is a decision which can only be taken by the man himself. Don’t go looking for trouble with a young girl half your husband’s age and probably yours too, she is not the problem, she is a victim, the problem is your husband, face him and sort it out with him and stop making excuses for him about him being charmed, the only thing charming him is her looks or what she has to offer in bed. He has clearly done something wrong and It your choice to either forgive him or not. 

When you have a cheating wife, you have no business with the man with whom she has cheated. Marriage does not guarantee fidelity, you can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink. She was approached, she thought about it and she agreed, it was not a mistake or the devils handwork, devil had no hand in it, it was a premeditated action. Confronting a man who slept with your wife is ridiculously shameful and very unwise, the only person you have issues with is your wife, if she didn’t agree the man would have gone somewhere else. Treat it as her mistake and forgive her if you find it in your heart to do so.

In conclusion, I advised the man to go and keep praying and leave his wife alone, she is not the problem, things happen and things go bad sometimes, if you’ve made it once, you can make it again, you need your wife’s prayer and support don’t loose it because of one fake pastor who obviously wants to sleep with your wife. If she is the queen of the coast and decides to confuse and destroy you, where will you find the sense to look for a pastor, she would have distorted your mind to worship her while she destroys you. Be wise and vigilant – Sir Stanley Ekezie