Ask a couple who have just emerged from a bitter disagreement or quarrel what the problem was, 90% of the time the root cause is so ridiculously frivolous. Flimsy as it is, most marriages have failed because of minute issues. Lesson; nip problems in the bud and don’t let it fester. Always have a forgiven spirit and give your partner the benefit of doubt always. If you are the victim, forgive and if you are the offender, a simple “sorry” in words and action is a good start.

Do everything possible to make your partner believe you are truly sorry. If it is mere suspicion, the onus lies on you to keep trying until you have proved your innocence beyond all reasonable doubts. Remember forgiveness and forgetting are two different things. Your partner may dwell on your mistake for a while, you have to endure because that is one of the consequences of being an offender. With steady reassurances that should dissipate with time.

Remember Pride is a very essential ingredient for a failed marriage/relationship, avoid it like a plague if you want your union to succeed. The key to a long and healthy life is a happy marriage. Work on yours today and live long – Sir Stanley Ekezie