Men who beat their wives have some things in common, prominent among them are. a low self esteem, quick temper and plain stupidity. Women who get beaten also have somethings in common, they are rude and confrontational, quick tempered, sharp mouthed and a foolish death wish. 

A wise man will never raise his hands on a woman no matter what she does. It is very clear that he is built stronger and totally able to physically molest her with minimal effort, so he doesn’t really have anything to prove to himself or to her. The very act of beating a woman reduces your social, moral and mental standing to the lowest level equal or even lower than that of a motor park tout. No matter what the provocation is, irrespective of what she has done, I believe wife battering goes against good conscience, equity and civility and should be avoided. A woman most times will drive you to the point of insanity, she will taunt you and menacingly lure you into striking her, once you do, you will be condemned in the court of public opinion; most importantly, you may maim or even kill her and be condemned in a court of law . 

Baiting you to beat her is also a deceptive way women have employed to divert attention from their own sins and transfer the burden of guilty to you. So next time she taunts you, pick up your keys head to the door and make your triumphant exit. This saves you from the the shame of reprimand or the agony of the guilt and condemnation of killing your wife. 

A woman who faces a man, taunting him and daring him to beat her is mentally unstable. Confronting him and raining abuses on him while standing within striking distance is a death wish which exposes you to the possibility of being battered. Even if you are right or he has committed the worst offense, you cannot put your life in danger by standing up to him. The public sympathy you so daringly crave might come inform of an obituary. 

The danger you are exposed to during a beating is on the same level as being involved in a motor accident, the right blow to the wrong spot will send you to an early grave. It is only a fool on a bicycle who will challenge a mad man driving a caterpillar for the right of way. If you notice that an argument is getting heated and the man’s anger is getting out of hand, be careful, especially if he starts inching towards you, do not stand and foolishly insist on your right, shut your mouth immediately to douse the tension, if you must, apologize and leave the area as soon as you can. You can always make your point later when tempers are calm, you have to be alive to do this. Be reasonable because If he beats you to death, he will probably be jailed or hanged and your children will become orphans.

Your families may even become sympathetic to the plight of the children and decide to save him since two wrongs will not make a right and killing him will not bring you back, either ways you are dead and he may still have a chance to be alive and probably remarry when the dust has settled. It’s better to be safe than sorry – Sir Stanley Ekezie